Sunshine Coast Airport sets a new October record
  • Wednesday 18 November 2015

Sunshine Coast Airport has just experienced its busiest October in history with more than 91,000 travellers flying in and out of the Coast, continuing the airport’s positive start to the 2015/16 financial year.

The October total of 91,062 passengers was the second highest on record, finishing just behind January 2009 when 92,722 passengers travelled through the airport.

The record month comes on top of the airport tallying more than 250,000 passengers in the first three months of the financial year - a 12% increase on the previous quarter and the highest September quarter traffic documented.

Mayor Mark Jamieson said the October figures were great news alongside recent positive airline partner announcements including business flights to Sydney commencing in February, and additional capacity on the Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland routes.

“We are well on track to reach our forecast of almost one million passengers for the financial year,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“The additional capacity is a direct response to the increase in demand from tourists, businesses and in particular Sunshine Coast locals who are showing great support for their airport by ‘Flying Local’.

“But there is so much more potential for our airport.

“Imagine what we can achieve with our expansion project which will cater for larger, more fuel efficient aircraft that can fly longer distances to other parts of Australia and many international destinations.

“We will be opening up a whole range of tourism, trade and business possibilities, as well as making it much easier for our residents to fly local.”

Commonwealth Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) independent data for August released earlier this month showed Sunshine Coast Airport was the fastest growing airport in the country.

It experienced a 14.5% rise in domestic and regional airline passenger numbers compared to August last year as well as a 24.6% increase in international travellers.

Overall, the Sunshine Coast experienced a 14.9% jump in total passengers in August compared to the same period 12 months ago.

The other two airports rounding out the top three positions were Cairns Airport (4.7% growth) and Melbourne Airport (3.7% growth).


Benefits of an expanded Sunshine Coast Airport:

  1. It will enable more direct flights to more locations in Australia, Asia and the Western Pacific.
  2. It will ensure the region has a fully compliant runway into the future.
  3. It will allow access for larger, more fuel efficient jet aircraft.
  4. The airport expansion will contribute $4.1 billion to the value of the economy from 2020-2040.
  5. 3500 fewer dwellings will be affected by noise each day in 2020
  6. It will generate more than 2230 jobs between 2020-2040
  7. The project will help boost tourism and international trade.
  8. It will help our export businesses, particularly those operating in the food and agri-business sectors, to get their products and services to markets faster and more efficiently.