Sunshine Coast Council stands ready to help regions
  • Wednesday 12 January 2011

Mayor Bob Abbot said Sunshine Coast Council is ready and prepared to help other councils in Queensland suffering from the effects of flooding.

“I have personally had conversations with the mayors of Gympie, Rockhampton, Emerald, Lockyer Valley and Toowoomba,” he said.

Cr Abbot said all assistance was being coordinated through the Local Government Association of Queensland.

He said contact would be made with neighbouring councils to offer billeting to any residents displaced by floods or landslips.

Council has sought to ensure it handled its own issues without help from other regions, the mayor said.

“In fact, Sunshine Coast Council has assisted Brisbane City Council by taking a number of its emergency calls and administering them,” he said.

“We did not want to be a burden on other areas who currently have much bigger problems than us.”

He also said council has received a large – and welcome – number of calls from residents offering to volunteer their help in the current flooding event.

Council’s call centre is recording names and contact details, and advising volunteers to firstly register with Volunteers Queensland for insurance purposes.

“Council is initially asking they act as scouts, keeping us up to date on any developments such as potential landslips or inundations in their local area,” Cr Abbot said.

“We would ask those volunteers to keep council up to date on any local emergency issues.”

A number of callers have also offered rooms and beds to anyone stranded or who have had to leave their properties due to landslip or flood risk.
Again, council is recording details and will advise them if and when their generous offers are required.