Sunshine Coast leads Australia in airport carbon reduction
  • Tuesday 29 July 2014
Airport general manager Peter Pallot and Acting mayor Chris Thompson

Sunshine Coast Airport has become Australia’s first airport to be accredited under the Airport Carbon Accreditation progam at Level 2 Reduction.

Our airport is now internationally recognised for managing its carbon emissions and reducing its carbon footprint under the program.

Sunshine Coast Airport now ranks alongside the likes of London City, Dublin, Prague and Macau International Airports in being certified at the Reduction level.

Airport Carbon Accreditation is the only institutionally endorsed carbon management certification program for airports, first launched by ACI EUROPE in 2009. It is also the only airport specific carbon standard which relies on internationally recognised methodologies.

In achieving Level 1 Mapping last year and now Level 2 Reduction, this is an important step for Sunshine Coast Airport towards achieving Level 3+ Neutrality, the fourth and ultimate level of accreditation.

Acting Mayor, Councillor Chris Thompson said Sunshine Coast Council’s vision was to be Australia’s most sustainable region – green, vibrant, diverse. 

“Sunshine Coast Airport is leading by example and playing a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions,” he said.

“We are proud of this achievement and embrace the world-wide recognition of our efforts.  The airport still has more work to do, but is now well on its way towards achieving the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality.”

Since mapping its carbon usage in 2013, Sunshine Coast Airport has now been able to demonstrate reductions in carbon emissions through innovative methods in low energy lighting, air conditioning, recycling, waste management, water usage reduction and water harvesting.

Sunshine Coast Airport general manager Peter Pallot said one of the more recent projects had been the replacement of the airport’s air-conditioning system.

“When combined with the application of sound building design, smart building technologies and the use of state-of-the-art ceiling fans, the new system has led to substantial decreases in cooling energy and power consumption through smart building technologies and state-of-the-art ceiling fans,” he said.

“We will continue to work hard to reduce our carbon footprint further and in the future we hope to achieve carbon neutrality.

“I am sure this international recognition will be celebrated by all on the Sunshine Coast who continue to work tirelessly towards becoming Australia’s most sustainable region.”

Airport Carbon Accreditation was extended to the Asia-Pacific in November 201, in partnership with ACI Asia-Pacific and the support of ACI WORLD. To date there are 102 airports accredited across four continents and by year’s-end the program will have global coverage.

Regional Director, ACI Asia-Pacific, Mrs Patti Chau congratulated Sunshine Coast Airport on being Australia’s first accredited airport at Reduction Level under Airport Carbon Accreditation.

“This is a demonstration of the airport’s willingness to go the extra mile and its commitment in operating the airport in an environmentally sustainable manner which is crucial for the long-term development of our industry,” she said.