Sustainable transport a reality for the Coast
  • Friday 04 February 2011

Achieving a sustainable, highly efficient, integrated and safe transport system right here on the Coast became more than just a pipe-dream yesterday as council endorsed the Sunshine Coast Sustainable Transport Strategy 2011 – 2031 and Sunshine Coast Active Transport Plan 2011 – 2031.

The Sustainable Transport Strategy provides the direction that council needs to follow over the next 30 years and is a key component to protecting the great lifestyle so loved by Sunshine Coast residents and visitors.

Integrated Transport Portfolio Councillor Vivien Griffin said that with 85 per cent of Sunshine Coast residents choosing to travel by private motor vehicle, change won’t happen over night.

"It will take time and it will take determination, but this strategy and its plans give us the focus and the tools to create what the Coast needs—a sustainable, highly efficient, integrated and safe transport system," Cr Griffin said.

"This is so important for the region’s future and we’re getting the planning right so that we can build and maintain sustainable communities.

"There are a number of supporting plans sitting under the strategy that provide the detail and actions to really drive us forward.

"For instance, the Active Transport Plan, endorsed yesterday at the Ordinary Meeting, sets out the strategic planning for walking and cycling on the Sunshine Coast.

"It maps out the policy direction for planning pathways, footpaths, on-road cycling facilities as well as crossings, on-route and end-of-trip facilities.

"This means that when we’re allocating funds in the budget, we’ll be following a strategically worked out plan that will provide the best possible outcome for the region."

Project Director Integrated Transport Planning, Graeme Krisanski said that along with the Active Transport Plan, there are six others that fall under the Sustainable Transport Strategy.

"These include management plans for freight, public transport, transport, parking, road safety and communication," Mr Krisanski said.

"The Road Safety Plan, Parking Management Plan and Public Transport Plan are in draft form and should go before council this year.

"All of the plans complement council’s other environmental, social and economic strategies, providing an integrated and strategic approach for transport planning and management on the Sunshine Coast," he said.

Residents wishing to view the Sunshine Coast Sustainable Transport Strategy, 2011 – 2031 and the Sunshine Coast Active Transport Plan 2011 – 2031 can do so at council libraries or on council’s website