Tag a business that’s set for a World Cup boost!
  • Tuesday 01 December 2015

Thousands of players, officials and visitors are heading to the Sunshine Coast from all corners of the globe for this week’s Tag World Cup and local businesses are lining up to capitalise from the moment they arrive.

The council-supported event will generate more than $2.3million in economic activity and Con-x-ion Airport Transfers will be first cab off the rank when it comes to maximising business opportunities.

They’ll transport more than 1000 visitors from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand and several South Pacific countries to the Sunshine Coast after they touch down at Brisbane International Airport.

“The Tag World Cup will provide a significant boost for Con-X-ion Sunshine Coast. We’re providing airport transfers for participants as well as day tours and charter services between accommodation centres and Sunshine Coast Stadium,” Sales and Marketing Manager for Con-X-ion Sunshine Coast Kelly Cattanach said.

“Big events like this that come to the Sunshine Coast are fantastic for our business.

“They increase our passenger numbers and help educate visitors on what the Sunshine Coast has to offer as both a sporting and holiday destination.

“The Sunshine Coast ticks all the boxes as a stand-out destination and major events help to get more visitors here to experience it first hand  and ensure that we don’t miss these types of opportunities.”

Local accommodation businesses are also making the most of the four-day tournament that runs from December 3-6.

Regional General Manager for Mantra Group Winston Hall said referees from the event and teams from New Zealand were booked to stay at their four local hotels.

“The Tag World Cup is great timing and a great boost for us as it occurs mid-week and over the weekend and prior to school holidays when demand is typically lower,” Mr Hall said.

Newport Mooloolaba Apartments Manager Bernie Sullivan said partnering with local tourism organisations and other local businesses had achieved lucrative results.

“The Oz Tag World Cup has allowed us to partner with Mooloolaba Surf Club to supply breakfast and dinner deals to the 120 Irish Rugby attendees who will be staying at Newport Mooloolaba throughout their 10-day stay,” he said.

“The logistical business generated by this group and the other participants will provide huge opportunities for the Sunshine Coast.”

Battery Wise Kawana Manager Kerry Ricketts said transport, accommodation and hospitality businesses weren’t the only ones to benefit when major events came to the region.

“Events like this Tag World Cup and others boost the local economy which in turn flows on to create positive effects for all local businesses,” Mr Ricketts said.

Tourism, Sport and Major Events Portfolio Councillor Jason O’Pray said hosting international events like the Tag World Cup additional created long-term benefits.

“The fact we’re hosting 1500 visitors from 11 different countries allows us to showcase our region further and boost our appeal and profile to other visiting elite athletes like Commonwealth Games teams ahead of the 2018 Games,” Cr O’Pray said.

“When international participants head home they promote the Sunshine Coast through word of mouth and social media channels that highlight their fantastic experiences here.

“So we’re strengthening our reputation as the events capital of regional Australia within our country and overseas as well.”

Sunshine Coast Destination Limited CEO Simon Ambrose said hosting the Tag World Cup was a major coup for the region.

“We have been committed to making this event a success from the planning stage through to event operations,” Mr Ambrose said.

“Working collaboratively with council and our local tourism operators, we have been pleased to assist the international teams with securing accommodation, transport, touring options and pre and post-event requirements.

“There is far more to this event than just playing the game, we want to provide a warm welcome and create a positive impression of our region.”


Tag fast facts

  • International Tag football events have been staged between Australia and New Zealand since 2007.
  • The Tag World Cup is played every three years with the first World Cup being staged in New Zealand in 2012 with 120 teams representing 11 countries competing.
  • The International Tag Federation (ITF) is the governing body of Tag football throughout the world. ITF was formed in 2008 by the Australian Oz tag Sports Association and New Zealand Tag Football Incorporated.
  • There are currently 17 member countries of the ITF.
  • The Australian Oz tag Sports Association acts as the secretariat to the ITF Board.
  • Tag football is a non-tackling version of rugby league. Tagging instead of tackling is great for players of all skill levels, size and weight to compete evenly. Each tag team consists of up to 16 players and coaching staff, with only eight players per team allowed on the field during the match. Players wear shorts with a Velcro patch on each side. A strip of cloth is attached to the Velcro, known as a tag. The object of the game is to score tries. Defenders prevent this by tagging the ball carrier, removing the tag from the shorts.
  • Normal dimensions of the field are 70 metres by 50 metres
  • Games are usually played over 40 minutes, two 20 minute halves. Times may be varied to suit age groups and conditions.
  • In Australia, the sport is called Oz tag and has been played for some 22 years.