Take a trip down memory lane
  • Wednesday 14 January 2015

Built in 1888 the Landborough Hotel, formerly the Mellum Club Hotel, was the centrepiece of the community and a sanctuary for weary travellers headed for the goldfields in the north. It also welcomed women and children who headed to the Blackall Range and local workers in need of cool refreshments.

In 1914, the proprietor Henry Dyer supervised the hotel being moved from Old Gympie Road on skids and pulled with winches by bullock teams over a two week period to its present location in Cribb Street, where the central business area had developed following the completion of the railway line in 1890. The extraordinary fact, which is difficult to comprehend, is it was shifted slowly by day and then served thirsty patrons by night. Perhaps this is where the advertising slogan ‘a hard earned thirst’ originated from!

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