Talking rubbish at next Division 3 ‘meet and greet’
  • Wednesday 17 April 2013

Local residents have a unique opportunity at this month’s Division 3 ‘meet and greet’ to hear from recycling guru, Sandie Johnston from EnviroCom Australia, as well as the regular catch up with their local divisional Councillor Peter Cox.

Cr Cox said he was excited to have Sandie on board as a special guest presenter at the April ‘meet and greet’ session.

“Sandie will talk about all things recycling, from creating a resource from waste and reducing your carbon footprint, to reducing your household waste,” Cr Cox said.

“Sandie is a wealth of knowledge, so don’t miss this great opportunity to ask questions and seek advice, and learn more than you might expect.

“For instance, I personally thought I was undertaking the best practice but it turns out I could be doing things a lot better. Just a couple of small refinements to our everyday practice can make the difference between whether the rubbish is properly recycled or ends up land fill.”

The Division 3 ‘meet and greet’ is held on the fourth Friday of every month, providing residents the opportunity to catch up with locals and discuss what’s happening in council around the Division.

This month the ‘meet and greet’ will be at the Stockland Park from 9am to 11am on Friday 26 April.

Waste 2 Resource Education Coordinator, Ms Johnston said she was looking forward to speaking with locals about recycling do’s and don’ts.

“Most people want to do the right thing when it comes to recycling but often aren’t aware that there are different recycling rules for different council regions,” she said.

“This session will be an opportunity to learn what the recycling rules are for the Sunshine Coast Council region as well as putting the importance of recycling into context.

“For instance, here’s a quick fact: not only are you saving landfill on the Sunshine Coast every time you recycle an aluminium can, but also saving enough energy to power a television for three hours.”

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