The Camel Company hits a hump
  • Wednesday 13 August 2008

Noosa North Shore tourist operator, The Camel Company Australia, could soon be looking for an alternative site to accommodate its camels.

The Sunshine Coast Regional Strategy and Planning Committee, while recognising the tourist benefits of the operation, today supported a recommendation to refuse an application to continue to keep the animals on the North Shore site.

The Camel Company had previously kept camels on North Shore land which was recently approved for an eco development, making their relocation necessary.

Until a new suitable site was found, the former Noosa Council made the quarry on Teewah Beach Road available as an interim arrangement to allow the operator time to apply for a permit.

Strategy and Planning Director (North), Raul Weychardt, said the application requested that animals remain at the Teerwah Beach Road site which is within the Community Services zoning of the Noosa Plan and not intended for animal husbandry.

“This zoning is intended to set land aside for community purposes such as education, emergency services, open space and well being uses putting the proposal to keep camels on it well outside of the Noosa North Shore Locality plans.

“The report also finds camel keeping has the potential to adversely affect the local environment and their recognisable odour likely to impact on residential amenity.”

The committee agreed that there were insufficient grounds to justify the conflict with the Noosa Plan and referred the recommendation for refusal to the full Council at next week’s Ordinary Meeting.