The best gift you can give your children…
  • Wednesday 13 August 2008

...their very own library card!

International research has demonstrated the value of early childhood education. Improved literacy rates have been linked with better self-esteem, higher achievements in education, higher wages and higher rates of home ownership in adults. A recent study indicated that 82% of parents say they wish their child would read more books for fun. With this in mind, council is introducing a library card especially for kids.

Cr Paul Tatton, chair of council’s Service Delivery Committee concurs that reading is at the heart of a child’s ability to learn and succeed in school and beyond.

“It is essential we give every child the best chance to master reading so they can meet the challenges of 21st century life.” Cr Tatton said.

“By introducing a children’s library card, and continuing to run programmes such as storytelling and many other activities, council is encouraging our children to make reading a habit. Council continues to make a significant investment in the future of our families and our region through the operation of its nine libraries and three mobile libraries.”

The card, which will be introduced in libraries over the coming weeks, has been designed for children up to the age of 12, and includes a graphic from award winning Australian author and illustrator of children’s books, Mr Terry Denton.

“To secure such a distinguished author for the introduction of this card is a great achievement for council’s libraries,” Cr Tatton said.

“We are confident that Terry’s artwork will make the card attractive to children and encourage them to own one and visit the library even more regularly.”

Sunshine Coast Councillor Tim Dwyer will celebrate the launch of the new Sunshine Coast Library Kids’ Card by reading a story and signing up his six-month old son James on Thursday 14 August at Caloundra Library.

Council has over 154,000 children’s books and other resources, including toys, games and programs. More information can be obtained from