The importance of maintaining your on-site sewerage facility
  • Monday 18 April 2016

Properties not connected to the main sewerage system use on-site sewerage facilities. These systems are economical and work reliably when properly installed and maintained.

When on-site sewerage facilities fail they can have harmful effects on the health of residents at the property, as well as neighbours and visitors. Diseases can be spread by bacteria, viruses, parasites and other organisms in the wastewater.

Drains and pooling wastewater can smell unpleasant, and mosquitos, vermin, and other pests can become problematic at the property.

Ground and surface water can become contaminated, and if the wastewater enters waterways it can pollute them due to the excess amount of nutrients present in the wastewater.

Failed systems can also be expensive to repair, and can have a negative impact on property values.

Systems should only be installed by licensed contractors, following approval from council.

A small amount of monitoring and maintenance performed regularly, as well as water conservation, can prevent your system from failing. Remain alert to sewage smells, gurgling pipes, water backing up in the sink or draining too slowly, and wastewater surfacing over the land application area.

For more information contact Sunshine Coast Council Building and Plumbing Services on 5475 7526.