They came, they ate and they cleaned us out
  • Friday 05 August 2011

Noosa Reds Tomatoes were flushed with 10-deep queues. Maleny Dairies had to call out for more supplies. A river of Montville Coffee was on constant demand.

The collective firepower of Seasons of the Sun - the Sunshine Coast’s premier food and beverage representative group - completely conquered tens of thousands of Brisbane foodies at last weekend’s Regional Flavours food and wine show at South Bank.

There were 24 of the more than 300 Seasons members present at Regional Flavours - more than enough to wow the thousands who attended the two-day event, with many exhibitors saying they ran out of supplies due to the huge demand.

Regional Flavours annually brings together producers from across the state however the Sunshine Coast was most strongly represented.

Seasons of the Sun is a Sunshine Coast Council-led initiative which supports growers and producers who are the face of the Coast’s blossoming quality fresh food and beverage industry.

Economic Development and Entrepreneurship Portfolio Councillor, Lew Brennan said the event was an amazing success and helped bring some of the Coast’s smaller players into "the big time".

"Our role has been to enable Seasons members to prepare to showcase their high-quality products to the region, the state, and the nation," he said.

"The Sunshine Coast is no ordinary place when it comes to both food and wine production - we have the largest range of food grown here year round, and also have amazing value adding businesses – and helping them all is one of the many aims of Council in its bid to diversify the local economy."

"This was the best representation of the food producers of the Sunshine Coast," Gowinta Farms Marketing Manager James Ashby said.

"What the Sunshine Coast offered, unlike others, was such a diverse range of product – no other region offered that."

Maleny Dairies Sales Manager Dave McKinnie said a "never-ending flow of people" buying as well as sampling the product range ensured that not only did they all cover their substantial costs of being there, most Coast exhibitors made money on top.

"We brought what we thought was enough supplies to last the two days – we ran out after the first day and had to call one of our trucks to deliver more," he said.

Season of the Sun Chair, Alexina Johnson, said even though the event opened at 10am each day, hungry visitors were demanding purchases by 9am.

"There was an incredible acceptance of our products among the crowds," she said.