Thought provoking stuff…
  • Tuesday 01 July 2008

Councillors and staff will be attending a corporate retreat program at Maleny’s Tranquil Park on 17th & 18th July, facilitated by Dr John Martin who heads up the La Trobe University’s Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities in Victoria.

Mayor Abbot said this is two days for Councillors to build a framework and gain broader perspectives on issues that affect us globally and nationally.

“These sessions are designed to challenge Council’s thinking about the current ways in which we do things and help set priorities for the organisation over the next four years,” Mayor Abbot said.

“It will set the scene for regional challenges and opportunities that face the council and help develop our vision for the coast region”.

Part of the program for the corporate retreat includes three pre-retreat presentations to be held in council chambers in early July. Guest speakers include Max Hardy (Twyford Consulting), Kim Houghton (Strategic Economic Solutions) and internationally renowned Professor Ian Lowe.

Topics include:

  • “Governance – How Council does Business, Community Engagement & Sustainable Communities” (Tuesday 1 July)
  • “Environment – Review of the Environmental Issues from a National and Global Perspective and their Impacts and Challenges for the Sunshine Coast” (Wednesday 2 July)
  • “Economy/Economic Development in a Lifestyle Region, the Interrelationship of Environment Lifestyle with the Economy, General Trends Facing us nationally and Internationally and their Future Impact on the Sunshine Coast” (Thursday 10 July)