Today’s students are tomorrow’s local health workers
  • Thursday 08 August 2013

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson today embarked on a series of Coast secondary school visits to promote careers in health and medical services to students.

This morning he addressed students at Kawana Waters State College.

“We are on the cusp of major employment growth across the region, particularly in new fields of industry such as health and medical services,” he told the audience.

“Sunshine Coast University Hospital will open its doors in 2016 with some 3500 staff already on board – and that figure will rise by 2021 to about 6000 staff.

“They will of course be doctors, nurses, anaesthetists, therapists, and all the support staff you find in big hospitals – many coming from outside the region – but there will also a whole new army of staff who will have just completed studies in a huge variety of medical areas, looking to establish their careers – and hopefully, a good number of them are right here in this assembly hall today.”

Mayor Jamieson said he was all too aware of the need to retain younger people on the Coast, and that meant providing quality jobs and relevant post-school education.

“As Mayor I am acutely aware that your parents are concerned that you might have to leave your home here on the Coast in order to get quality work – or that you will have to leave your home here on the Coast in order to gain the post-school qualifications at some distant college or university,” he said

“Well, I am saying to you today that, while not everything will change overnight, slowly but surely you are going to see more and more learning and working opportunities right here on the Coast.”

“The hospital can and will become one of the most significant training hospitals in the Southern Hemisphere,” the Mayor said.

“And I want to see as many young people from the Sunshine Coast as possible get an opportunity to make a career there.

“While some people will need to be drafted in from outside the region to help in its early phases, I want to see the Sunshine Coast University Hospital run by a Sunshine Coast workforce.”