Unified approach to spending
  • Thursday 20 August 2015

Sunshine Coast Council has reassured residents it takes a whole-of-region approach to funding infrastructure projects and that the former Maroochy and Caloundra areas receive equitable funding.

Acting CEO Ray Turner said since amalgamation, council had spent a higher proportion on capital expenditure in the Caloundra area than the proportion of rate revenue received.

“However over the decade – in the past and in the future – those figures will alternate around the region, according to demand,” Mr Turner said.

“For example, some residents have noted the capital works spending at Evans St, Maroochydore which is an important project at this point in time.

“But so too is Bulcock St, Caloundra a high priority.

“Millions of dollars are programmed to be spent revitalising the CBD in the years ahead. Planning work has already started on this significant project.

“This council takes a unified approach to delivering services and capital works across the Sunshine Coast and prioritises ratepayers’ funds to benefit all residents in the long term.”

Mr Turner said Queensland Treasury Corporation’s financial sustainability review had rated Maroochy Council as being in a “strong” financial position and Caloundra Council in a “moderate” financial position at amalgamation and Sunshine Coast had, as a whole, strengthened its position since then.

“This council has achieved five consecutive unqualified audit reports and was awarded the second highest credit ranking available by the Queensland Treasury Corporation,” he said.

“No other council is higher than the Sunshine Coast.

“Council forecasts a $21.5 million surplus this year which puts us in a very sound position to continue to build on the future – across the whole Sunshine Coast.”