Vision for Maroochydore Centre to go public tomorrow
  • Wednesday 27 May 2009

The centre of Maroochydore is set to become the Sunshine Coast’s principal economic and social hub under a new framework outlined in a report to be unveiled tomorrow.

Council endorsed the Maroochydore Centre Position Paper (May 2009) at a Special Meeting of Council yesterday.

The position paper, which will inform future planning in the Maroochydore Centre, considered the issues raised during the community consultation period from 27 January to 10 March 2009.

The release of the Maroochydore Centre Position Paper (May 2009) marks a significant milestone in moving forward with the future planning of the Maroochydore Centre.

The paper is a strategic planning document which will inform the drafting of planning scheme amendments to the Maroochy Plan 2000. The Maroochy Plan 2000 planning scheme relates to the former Maroochy local government area.

Council anticipates that the proposed planning scheme amendments will be substantially progressed by December 2009.

Maroochydore was identified as the Principal Activity Centre for the region under the State Government’s South East Queensland Regional Plan and Council’s own Sunshine Coast Growth Management Position Paper, released last year.

The Maroochydore Centre Position Paper (May 2009) will be available to the public for viewing at council offices and via the council website, after the launch.