Vision for Maroochydore ‘coastal hub’ on Council’s agenda
  • Friday 21 November 2008

The evolution of Maroochydore into an economic and social hub is one step closer to reality with a key planning document due to be considered by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council next week.

Mayor Bob Abbot said the Maroochydore Centre Position Paper described a vision for an exciting and prosperous coastal hub that recognised the important role Maroochydore would play in managing growth on the Sunshine Coast.

He said Maroochydore had long been earmarked as a focal point for business, residential and community activity and had the potential to provide significant local and regional benefits.

“The Maroochydore Centre Position Paper will guide the necessary evolution of the area from a small coastal village to a distinctive and thriving coastal centre,” said Cr Abbot.

“This will provide benefits to all Sunshine Coast residents such as job opportunities, affordable and diverse housing, open space and a range of community facilities and social infrastructure.

“Maroochydore also provides us with an excellent opportunity to create a transit-oriented centre, well connected to other areas of activity on the Coast, and where transport choices focus on walking, cycling and public transport.”

Cr Abbot said the Position Paper reflected Council’s commitment to a self-contained and well-serviced Maroochydore that contributed to a diverse, vibrant and green Sunshine Coast.

He said Council needed to act now to manage Maroochydore’s growth and address wider regional needs in planning for a sustainable future.

“Maroochydore has been identified as an important regional centre under the State Government’s South East Queensland Regional Plan and Council’s own Sunshine Coast Growth Management Position Paper, released earlier this year,” he said.

“Major public and private investment in Maroochydore is also already being planned.

“What we have now is an opportunity to get the planning right.

“As well as its many direct benefits, an holistic plan for Maroochydore will also reduce the ecological footprint of our region, manage population growth and aid in the creation of a knowledge-based economy.”

The Position Paper will be tabled for discussion at next week’s Strategy and Planning Committee Meeting for review and comment, before being presented to the full Council.

Cr Abbot said that while the Position Paper would not be available for formal public comment or submission at this time, this was just the first step in an important process and the community would have an opportunity to have its say as planning progresses.

“The current vision for Maroochydore is a result of years of research and planning – it takes into consideration the recommendations and community feedback received through earlier consultation processes,” he said.

“Following Council’s consideration of the Position Paper, it will be provided to the Department of Infrastructure and Planning for review.

“We will work collaboratively with the State Government to develop an appropriate planning framework for Maroochydore which we hope to publicly release in early 2009.”