Water win for Sunshine Coast residents
  • Monday 20 July 2009

Mayor Bob Abbot has applauded the State Government's decision to allow the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Regional Councils to form their own separate water business.

Earlier this month the Government announced the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Somerset, Lockyer and Ipswich would create one of three new entities that would supply and sell water to residents in the South East.

However the Government has since supported a bid from the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay to join forces and create their own water distribution and retail business.

The two Councils argued strongly that residents in their respective regions would be far better served by the arrangement.

Cr Abbot said he was delighted the Government had listened and seen merit in their case.

"We explained that it made sense for us to team up on economic and geographical grounds and I'm extremely pleased the government has taken that on board," he said.

"This model will allow us to keep costs as low as possible and it gives us control over both the supply and the sale of water so the same business will be responsible for water quality and price.

"This is a very significant win for residents on the Sunshine Coast and in the Moreton Bay region and I'd like to thank the Government for supporting us."

Cr Abbot said both regions were facing similar costs to maintain their existing water infrastructure and similar population growth, so neither would be forced to shoulder a disproportionate financial burden.

He said staff from the two councils would now begin working towards creating the new business, which would be run by an independent board.