What does your Transport Levy fund?
  • Monday 19 September 2016

What does your Transport Levy fund?

The Transport Levy allows the Sunshine Coast to pursue a transport strategy that will preserve and enhance our region’s enviable lifestyle. The Transport Levy funds service improvements, bus stop upgrades to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act, improved hinterland services, partnered bus trials with TransLink and undertakes research, planning and investigations analysis. The levy also contributes to the Transport Futures Fund for significant contributions to future projects such as Sunshine Coast Light Rail. The Transport Futures Fund is an investment in your future and will enable Council to partner in the delivery of strategically beneficial transport outcomes for the Sunshine Coast.

The annual Transport Levy, contributed to by all ratepayers, plays a vital role in meeting the needs of today’s residents, but also in meeting our needs into the future. This year the Transport Levy has increased to $27.00 per annum per rateable property and is the first increase since the levy was introduced in 2009/2010.

For information regarding the Transport Levy Policy refer to council's website