Why your business should enter the Glossies
  • Tuesday 01 May 2012

Business exposure, new customers and an eco-friendly reputation are some of the benefits your business could get by entering the 2012 Sunshine Coast Council’s Living Smart Glossies Awards.

Past winner and General Manager of the Sheraton Noosa Resort and Spa, Stephen Ferrigno, said he urged other Sunshine Coast businesses to look at the opportunities that entering presents.

"Winning an award not only helps drive revenue to your business but shows the market how your business is making a difference to the community," Mr Ferrigno said.

"Being recognised as a sustainability champion drove a new market of eco-conscious travellers to our business."

Worms DownUnder Co-Director, Dr. Pene Mitchell, said entering the awards helped to re-evaluate the direction and priorities of the business and make significant changes.

"We’ve met like-minded business people, enjoyed great exposure, and been able to assess our business achievements," Dr. Mitchell said.WD Architects Director, Andrew Webb, said the awards are a grassroots initiative that will ensure the Sunshine Coast remains a beautiful place to live.

"The Glossies play an important part in making our community serious about sustainability and realising how lucky we are," Mr Webb said.

Wagtail Homes Director, Adam Young, said the Awards resulted in the development of synergistic partnerships with other local businesses.

"As a result of our involvement in the Glossies we now specify on our building projects sustainable paints and finishes from Rockcote," Mr. Young said.

Award categories include the Golden Glossy – Excellence in Sustainable Design Award, Affordable Living Award (new), Resource Saver Award, Sustainable Transport Award, Living Smart Solutions Award, Enviro-Business Award, and Greening the Arts Award.

Entries close on Monday 14 May 2012. Visit Living Smart for more information or to nominate?