Woman fined $900 after failing to register dogs
  • Thursday 20 November 2014

A Sunshine Coast woman has today been fined $900 in Nambour Magistrates Court for failing to register her dogs.

The Yaroomba resident was fined $600 for failing to register her German Shepherd and American Staffordshire Terrier, in addition to the $250 professional fees and $86.80 court costs.

Sunshine Coast Council Director Community Services Coralie Nichols said council continued to pursue all options to the full extent to prosecute irresponsible pet owners and create a safe community for visitors, residents and other pets.

“Whether it is failure to register or dogs not under effective control, Council continues its commitment to zero tolerance for irresponsible dog owners,” Ms Nichols said.

“Dog registration provides security for owners to be reunited with their pets should they stray, gives Council the knowledge of how many dogs reside in each area and allows us to effectively plan for animal infrastructure such as dog parks, patrol, regulate and educate dog owners about their responsibilities."

The woman yesterday registered the dogs at a cost of $124.60 each.

Two other hearings scheduled today involving dog attacks were adjourned until early December.

Ms Nichols said council would not tolerate aggressive and dangerous dogs and would ensure owners of these animals be held responsible for their dogs' unacceptable behaviour.

“Last week council was successful in fining a woman $15,000 for failing to take reasonable steps in preventing her German Shepherd from inflicting grievous bodily harm to an elderly man in Caloundra in August,” she said.

“This was the first time this conviction had been made in Queensland and we hope it will work as a deterrent to the rest of the community in demonstrating the consequences of irresponsible dog ownership.

“We are charging the owner of the two dogs involved in mauling a 33-year-old man when he was out for a jog in Chevallum in May 2014 with the same offence.

“Council will also be following through on a prosecution in relation to the death of of a little Shih Tzu, Jazz, who was attacked and killed in Yandina in July this year by two American Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross dogs that escaped their property.

“We want all dog owners on the Sunshine Coast to take responsibility for ensuring their dogs are on leads and under control in public, their homes are adequately fenced so their dogs do not roam in our community, that their dogs attend socialisation and training programs, are desexed and are registered with council.

“Please help keep your dog and the community safe.”