Young STARS shine brightly in Pomona
  • Friday 26 November 2010

Pomona State School students were recognised today as one of the first schools on the Coast to implement their own waste minimisation action plan through Sunshine Coast Council’s Waste 2 Resource ‘STARS’ program.

The program is an educational service provided free to Sunshine Coast schools that not only teaches students, parents and teachers about sustainability and the 3R's, reduce, reuse and recycle, but also facilitates schools to develop and implement their own waste minimisation actions.

As well as conducting classroom audits to measure and record the amount and types of waste produced by each class, Year 7 students at Pomona State School have been training their school mates about organic recycling.

Organics caddies donated by council have helped the school collect their food and garden waste to recycle through compost and worm farm systems.

From next year, with assistance from council and DERM, the school will continue with its action plan by expanding their recycling collection potential and by investigating the amount of packaging brought into the school.

Environment Portfolio Holder Councillor Keryn Jones said she congratulates Pomona State School for being so proactive.

"While recycling is important, teaching kids about avoidance, reduction and re-use will really make the difference," Cr Jones said.

"These children will grow up knowing about their impacts on climate change, that waste is a resource and that recycling isn’t a choice – it’s a must.

"Composting and worm farming teaches kids about more than just waste. They learn about the carbon and water cycles, some basic chemistry and biology and it also gives them the basis for growing their own food. It’s a great step towards living a sustainable life."

"What that means for the future is obviously a much more informed and waste smart population – kids are great teachers, lots of parents tell me that their kids have become like the waste police at home since joining the program."

64 out of the 89 schools on the Sunshine Coast are active members of council’s Waste 2 Resource program.

For more information on the Waste 2 Resource program, visit council’s website