You’ve got mail
  • Friday 03 June 2011

Interested in trialling a new distribution method for your rates notice?

Following strong support from the community to receive rates notices via email, Sunshine Coast Council is conducting an email distribution trial with a sample of interested ratepayers for the July rates period.

Service Delivery Portfolio Councillor Paul Tatton said council was responding to a growing desire by the rate paying community to receive rates notices via email.

"With around 150,000 rates notices issued every six months, council is committed to improving the rates notice distribution and overall process," he said.

"In a survey conducted recently, more than 40% of respondents proactively said email was their preferred distribution method for how they'd like to receive rates notices.

"Emailing is a more environmentally friendly, less expensive distribution method than traditional mail-outs. Residents away from home for long periods have also expressed they would find this method more convenient and reliable."

Please note, residents taking part in the trial in July will still receive a hard copy of the notice in the mail.

Council will use the trial to gauge further feedback from participants and evaluate how effective this is as a delivery method.

If you would like to take part in this trial for the July rates period, visit council’s website to register before 5pm Thursday 30 June.